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When is the last time you saw a dentist? If you are reading this you have probably found yourself in need of one and you are wondering how you can find them fast and efficiently. When it comes to dentists you should never be in a hurry to choose unless it is an absolute emergency. Your oral health is very important and if it isn’t taken care of by the right professional you can expect to have problems sometime in the future. So what does a good dentist look like? There are several things that you should look into:
•    The most important is the qualifications that the dentist has. You should find out where they went to school – ideally it should be one of the trusted dental schools in the UK or in the EU. If their qualifications aren’t displayed in the waiting room you should feel free to ask and then follow up to confirm that what they told you is true.
•    While qualifications are important they are not everything. Good dentists take the time to develop a good bedside manner. Going to the dentist is an anxiety-inducing procedure for many but it can be made easy if you find a dentist who knows how to help his patients relax. If you are particularly phobic you can talk to the dentist about what medications they can provide for each procedure to help you relax.
•    You should make sure that you choose a dentist who runs a clean and hygienic practice. There are many who have got infections because a dentist used unsanitised equipment.
•    Make sure that they have most of the equipment that is needed for general procedures. If a dentist has to send you somewhere else for simple procedures such as X-Rays it only takes longer to receive what could be urgent treatment.
•    Make sure that they accept your insurance. While the best ones take most insurance companies you shouldn’t assume that your carrier will be accepted by every dentist.
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