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Types of Heaters and Heating Systems in the Market Today

Heaters and heating systems are important components in our home during the cold or winter seasons. They come in different models and sizes, powered differently and serve specific purposes based on their makes.There are a number of heating systems flooding the markets today; so you have to be specific on what kind of heater you are looking for.

Categories of Heating Systems

Home heaters come in two major categories: the electric and non-electric heating systems. The electric heaters function by converting electricity into heat. They are the widely used heating systems today and have quickly replaced the conventional (non-electric) heating systems. These heating systems do not have a potential of exploding or catching fire since they run entirely on electricity. Additionally, electric heaters are the best choice for going green since they do not emit any harmful gases or chemicals when operating.

Electric heaters fall into two other categories, namely Convection and Radiant heaters. Convection heaters function by warming up the air when it is cold and Radiant heaters heat up a surface to make it warm.

The non-electric heaters on the other hand use non-renewable resources like kerosene or natural gas to produce heat. In the process of converting fuel to heat, these heaters will emit poisonous gases like carbon monoxide. For this reason, they are preferred for outdoor heating purposes like warming up patios since there is less air contamination compared to when they are used inside the house.

Types of Heaters in the Market

Depending on the intended function, it is possible to find heating systems for specific areas in your home, car or a building. Some of the most types of heaters include:

Twelve Volt (12V) Heaters

These are designed to heat up small spaces like the windows of a car. They add a 360° swivel accessory that allows you to mount the heater on the cash dashboard. An added swing handle allows you to station the heater at a fixed angle to defrost a specific spot. The 12V auto heater is compact in design to fit in both big and small spaces.

The Church Heaters

They can are fixed on one spot or can be portable so that they can be moved around to different rooms in the church. The portable options power up using oil and halogen gas, thus are ideal in heating areas away from the congregating area. The permanent heaters are more sophisticated in installation with capabilities of heating a large room like the entire congregating area. A simple 0.25kW pew heater is enough to keep the congregation warm during a sermon.

The Baseboard Heating Systems

These are ideal for keeping rooms warm, and can be moved from one room to another or stationed at one place to heat the space required. They range from 500W models to 2000W models that are capable of heating 50 ft2 or 2000 ft2. Baseboard heaters fit underneath windows where the warm air from the heating elements collides with the cold air from the window glass. They easily remain inconspicuous throughout their functioning period and do a good job in keeping a large area warm. You can vary the heat levels through a built-in thermostat on the heater.

Tips for Purchasing Heaters in the Market

When window-shopping for heating systems, three things to look at include the amperage, voltage and wattage. Home heating systems come in either 120v to 240v capacities. It is good to choose voltage capacity that matches your home wiring and the heat output you want. Wattage will determine how much heat flows to the intended area. Amperage determines the wiring sizes required to fit the heater to your home or car and function properly.

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